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the one with LETS ROCK THE VOTE

Let me interrupt your regularly scheduled internet surfing with an important message from me.

If you are living in Singapore and most likely have a mobile phone which have this function known as 'Text messaging' or 'SMS', I need your attention.

If you were not appalled by the UK Fish Market commercial recently air-ing on our local television channels and actually watch commercials in between prime time shows, you might have noticed the Viewers Choice competition that is presently going on. http://www.mediacorp.com.sg/viewerschoice2008/

The Viewer's Choice Competition is a competition in which viewers with great taste like you (yes I'm trying to win your vote(s) here... hehe) get to vote for your favourite local and international commercials. I know you might think why am I trying to make you loose your 20 cents in this time of financial instability. Think of it this way, by parting with this 20 cents, you could actually stand a chance to win $10,000! What is 20 cents in contrast to stand a chance to win 10Gs? You cannot even bet with Singapore Pools for 20 Cents, right? If 20 cents is actually valuable to you, and it could affect in not getting to upsize a meal at some fast food chain, do something worthwhile by not replying random text messages with 'LOL' and 'K' to your friends, as they do not even care for those replies and probably don't reply back to you either.

Since you are not only one with great taste and the generosity to part with 20 cents or 40 cents, (since I get your attention now) please do not hesitate to vote for these 2 commercials that I worked my butt off for in 2008.

L5 - 'Family' Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports

To vote for this commercial
Send your vote to 73388 in the following format:

(Please leave a space in between each field)
Example: VC L5 S7654321A Awesome Person

L8 - 'The Steel Within' Mindef: ARMY

To vote for this commercial
Send your vote to 73388 in the following format:

(Please leave a space in between each field)
Example: VC L8 S7654321A Great Taste


I will not try to say how other commercials do not deserve your 20 or 40 cents by speaking ill of them, as I am not one who believe in dirty politics. But I do these commercials deserve your vote(s) because not only does it speak of love or brainwashing one into protecting the country, but also it will prove to me how you have impeccable taste in commercials and that you care about this LJ friend of yours who have not much awesome-ness happening in her life that she would love it if she could add 'award winning commercial' in her resume. So in between, praying and donating for the people in Gaza, or the Kenny Sia Botak fund. Do consider in voting as I will love you and pray for your happiness. *Insert puppy dog icon here*

Closing date: 13 March 2009