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the world's a roller coaster

and i'm not strapped in

Nuradillah Zakbah
6 August 1985
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as far as the username goes...it was taken from a label of a pair of yoga pants. the irony.
above 1979, activist, against homophobia, against supression, al green, alanis morisette, ani di franco, antibalas afrobeat, april greiman, arts, at the drive in, auf der maur, backpacking, bangles, bass... loads of bass, beads, being a smart ass, belle and sebastian, ben kenney, beulah, big band, bjork, boys, camera obscura, candy floss, cat power, cheese, cheese whizz, chevelle, choco mallows, cibo matto, concerts, continuous hallucination, cryptic rationality, culture vulture, cursive, dadaism, dark room processing, david carson, deathcab for cutie, deftones, denali, desaparecidos, devandra banhart, diana krall, dido, dinosaur jr., dishwalla, doodling, editors, eisley, elliot smith, feminism, fiona apple, foreign films, french films, frou frou, fugazi, geomantic monopoly, gigs, guano apes, her space holiday, ideologies, idiot box, illustrations, incubus, interpol, john lennon, johnny depp, journaling, joy division, lacuna coil, ladytron, les savy fav, lisa ono, lomography, long bus rides, mae, manchester united, manifestos, mars volta, maximo park, minus the bear, modest mouse, mogwai, mojave, nachos, neutral milk hotel, neville brody, paul renner, photgraphy, pictionary, pink floyd, placebo, polaroids, portishead, postal service, preston reed, pretzels, pro choice, prozac nation, psychoanalysis, radiohead, rainer maria, red hot chili peppers, rio ferdinand, roadtrips, sade, self analyzing, semiotics, seth green, sigmund freud, sigur ros, silk screen, silverchair, singing, slr, sparta, spontaneous combustion, still images, string quartet, subcultures, sufjan stevens, surrealism, the arcade fire, the cure, the decembrist, the gloria record, the hives, the plastic ono band, the robot ate me, the royal tennebaums, the shins, the strokes, the velvet underground, tim burton, tripping, tsunami bomb, vendetta red, xiu xiu, yeah yeah yeahs, yoko ono, zero 7